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Contact:Mrs Lang
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Hardware development engineer
Job responsibilities:
1.Responsible for the overall design, detailed design, schematic design, PCB debugging and verification
2.Completion of the validation program planning and verification case design and implementation, to complete the verification analysis report
3.Be responsible for the evaluation of optical devices and IC, and give the detailed verification report according to the verification case
4.To be responsible for new products
5.Responsible for client analysis, solution and technical support

Job requirements
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, optics or optoelectronics
2.At least 2 years working experience in electronics industry, experience in optical module development is preferred
3.Familiar with DC/DC circuit, laser driver circuit, mirror current circuit and other related circuit
4.Skilled use of 86100, DSA8000 and other sampling oscilloscope, skilled use of CSA7404 and other high-speed real-time oscilloscope, skilled use of spectrometer
5.Familiar with single chip microcomputer, such as DS4830, ADUC702x, F33X is preferred
6.Good communication skills, high sense of responsibility and team spirit, good English and computer application skills.


Facility Engineer
Job responsibilities:
1.Inspection, calibration, maintenance of all equipment (8200 DAS oscilloscope, Bert, power meter, attenuator, laser welding machine, etc.)
2.Make calibration plan and maintain equipment information.
3.Verification and acceptance of new equipment
4.Develop equipment operation and maintenance guide.

Job requirements
1.Have good communication and coordination ability, work active and initiative
2.Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
3.Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical automation, mechanical design, electrical engineering.
4.Have more than 3 years of large and medium-sized appliances, consumer electronics business equipment management experience or more than 2 years of optical communication enterprise equipment management experience is preferred




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